What is the critical factor in your big picture?

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By Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N

Big picture thinking is great. Especially when you want to win big. And the more you actually focus on taking forward action, it also adds up to the clarity of the big picture. At the same time, there is one often overlooked critical factor in the big picture.
The critical factor is one factor which can change the entire picture itself. So, if you are just focused on the big picture without looking at the big picture, then you are going to set yourself up for losing big time.
Let me give you some examples with real case studies.

Marketing budget to bring in sales. I had a client who walked in and said that he always works on the business himself and not with others because others do not comprehend the big picture as he does. So, one of the big picture he saw was spending close to 300 thousand INR an year for a period of 10 years in his marketing. And his argument was the total sales that will be brought will be close to six million INR. Good picture, however, when I looked into one of the factor which was being overlooked, it was the interest payable for that marketing budget. And doing one of the most conservative calculation, the total sum of the premium plus interest came to 7.2 million INR. And that was actually a shocker, for spending 7.2 to make 6. That is a loss of 1.2 million in the planning stage itself. And once it became clear, the plan was dropped immediately.

Steve Jobs was a great big picture thinker. However, few critical factors overlooked ousted him from the very same company he started. And by the time he came back, a lot of years had passed where many a pictures were changed. Yes, eventually he did make it work big time, however, he, the company and also the world lost some years in between of certain big pictures from being realized.

The will to act those steps and the plan which will bring success is more important than the will to success or the result.

The pilot who loves to land safely is more important than the pilot who just loves to fly.

Like this, I can just go on and on and give examples of one critical factor being more important than the big picture for that had enough power to change the picture itself.

So, whenever you say you are in a big picture thinking, also think about the critical factors in the picture. The ones which are potent enough to change the picture itself completely.

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