This is for you if you are waiting for the right time, right situation, right preparation to do the right thing. So, check it out now.

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By Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N

Are you are person who has long been waiting to get the following:
the right time, the right situation, the right preparation?
And have you been waiting for all these to do the right thing?
The answer then is simple. Stop waiting and start acting right now. Why?
Because the right thing needs to be done and there are people waiting to get benefitted and benefits delayed many a times can be benefits denied. So, start now.

What about the right time? Well, if we look at it to a certain extent spiritually and also according to metaphysics, the only time is Now. Past is gone, future is yet to come, present is the only truth, so the right time is only now.

What about the right situation? Look carefully and something or the other will be broken. There will always be some urgent work to attend to unless and until you make it a priority to attend to your priorities, to attend to important things, and to focus on doing the thing that needs to be done. The right situation is now.

What about the right preparation? There will always be something to prepare. The more you prepare, the more you have to prepare; the more you learn, the more you become aware about that you have to learn. So, at no point of time will you be in a reality where there is no more preparation to do. So, the right preparation is that you have already done and those which you can always do along.

So, what about doing the right thing? Do it now, take some action related to it, even if not in full swing, that momentum will give you, will lead you to be successful and all those who deserve to get the results they want.

What more are you waiting for? Or have you started taking action?

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