How can you express your highest potential?

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By Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N

Living your best life ever, will be a dream and goal for you. And you will be living it for real when you live and express from your highest potential. How then can you do it?
The key is to understand that living such a life needs a very important seed. An intense desire for the same and commitment to do whatever it takes. Many a times, people lack it in that department of having little or no true desire to live a life of greatness or the energy and drive to express their highest potential. The beginning thus happens with the desire to live greatness followed by commitment to follow-through.

Then, it is about becoming vivdly clear as to what all will constitute such a great life. Describe it to the maximum details as possible and keep on expanding on the details.

Next, is to identify all the obstacles which prevent you from living such a life. I am a firm believer about the impact of constraints and that the one major thing which can obstruct the flow of water from a bottle, is the bottleneck. Even if you are meant to recieve all that you desire, if there are blocks which you have not removed, they are going to be kept away from you. Most of those blocks are in the form of disempowering belief systems.

And finally, get on to work and express yourself in the highest manner possible so that you can meet your goals midway as they travel towards you and you travel towards them. That way, the journey towards your goals are much shortened.

And also in this whole process, in a much more subtle way, your highest potential starts getting expressed.

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