How to get Paid for doing what you Love workshop with Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N
at Chennai on 06th and 07th June 2015.

A primer workshop which will help you to get the understanding on systems you need to setup to make a career based on your passion.

Modules covered:
Understanding passion.
Understanding marketing.
Understanding business.
Understanding platform.
Applying the rules of business.
Defining the areas of business.
What is the key value formula?
Learning new ways of monetizing your passion.
Scientific marketing.
The trifecta PIE model.

And much more.

Faculty profile: www.drmaharajasivasubramanian.com

To register: Contact 9841118294
email: drmaharaja@drmaharajasivasubramanian.com

It all begins with an Intention,
Which grows on with a Decision;
and smiles in the expression.
Ready to be nurtured with Action;
Giving the fruit of Attraction.

Everything begins as a thought. Excellence through Thought Leadership.